75 Years of Automation Parts, Machinery, & Solutions

2021 marked a milestone anniversary for the Precision Automation® organization as we celebrated 75 years of business. Fred Rexon Sr. began his business by putting a lathe and a drill press in his garage, making parts for local companies; and last month the employees, family, and friends were able to gather together to commemorate the company’s diamond anniversary.

The venue was Tavistock Country Club, as has been the tradition for the previous quinquennial celebrations (every 5 years). The event had originally been scheduled to take place in 2021, and then in January; but pandemic-related circumstances caused our organization to reschedule and find a date that worked best: March 26, 2022 was the winner.

The dining room was decorated with balloons depicting Precision’s colors of red, black, and white, as well as large “75” balloons behind the podium where CEO and President Fred Rexon Jr. would deliver his address. The social hour allowed for all attendees and their significant others to enter and mingle before sitting down for the superb dinner.

Gerry Renzi, Fred Rexon Jr., Bill Huffmon
Executive VP Gerry Renzi, President/CEO Fred Rexon Jr., and pāco VP Bill Huffmon

Fred began his speech by asking for everyone to observe a moment of silence in honor of his father and the founder of his prestigious company, who had passed away since the 70th Anniversary gathering. He thanked the organizers of the event, especially his wife Ginny, and Office Manager Lori Johnson, and welcomed all attendees to the event. In addition to employees of Precision and pāco manufacturing in Clarksville IN, some of the special guests that Fred acknowledged include: customers, suppliers, advisors, accountants, brokers, attorneys, bankers, and a few company retirees.

After dinner and once everyone got situated back into their seats, Fred began his State of the Company address and highlighted how Precision Automation® has stepped up in a time of high demand for manufacturing and automation projects. He was proud to report a successful five-year period since the 70th Anniversary, and as a result a bonus has been passed down to the employees nearly every quarter.

Fred reiterated the family environment of this business and pointed out that he was not alone in this thought process, citing a Christmas card from one of the employees who was appreciative to be a part of such a tight-knit, collaborative workplace. He expressed optimism for the years ahead and confidence that our team can take the company to even greater heights.

Fred Rexon Jr. and Jeff Salabritas
Fred Rexon Jr. and Director of Manufacturing Jeff Salabritas

The next portion of the evening was dedicated to welcoming nine new employees since the last anniversary celebration, as well as recognizing those employees who reached 5-, 15-, and 25-year milestones in 2021. Additionally, special distinguishment was lauded to Dave Amadio and Bob Daily for their 35 years of service to the organization; as well as Executive Vice President Gerry Renzi and Vice President of pāco manufacturing Bill Huffmon for their 40 years.

The final piece of business for the evening was to say farewell to some members of the team who would be retiring from their long-held positions. Rich Viscusi had spent 20 years with the company as a lead Design Engineer and retired shortly after the event. Jeff Salabritas puts a cap on his Precision Automation® career after 48 years with his retirement in May 2022, serving most recently as the Plant Manager and Director of Manufacturing. And finally, Glen Morris stepped down from his role as CEO of pāco manufacturing in December 2021 after 58 years with the company in Clarksville IN.

Fred Rexon Jr., Dan Rexon, Lori Johnson
Fred Rexon Jr., Sales Manager Dan Rexon, and Office Manager Lori Johnson

Before the ceremony officially ended, Lori and Sales Manager Dan Rexon (Fred’s eldest son) presented Fred with a commemorative plaque. On behalf of all the employees of Precision, they thanked him for all his leadership and guidance with a token of appreciation shaped like a diamond to allude to 75 years of successful business.

Fred concluded the festivities by thanking everyone for their attendance and inviting all to take home an anniversary tumbler emblazoned with the company logo and “75 Years of Solutions” on the other side. The general attitude from all personnel in attendance was happy, grateful, and excited to be observing such a momentous occasion in the company’s history. Most importantly, there was an overall feeling of enthusiasm for the future as the same values and principles that have guided Precision Automation® since its inception will continue to shape the next 75 years.

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