Industrial Stapling and Box Closure Machines

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company has been building cost effective Wire Stitchers and Bag Closing Machines for over 130 years. Proven reliability in a wide range of markets such as HVAC, Book Binding, Flag Assembly, Matchbook Assembly, Header Carding, and Display Assembly among others has enabled New Jersey Wire to attain a premier status in the wire stitching market.

Whatever your industrial stapling need, New Jersey Wire has the solution. Our goal is to improve your production by making your processes faster and increasing the quality of your product. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse of replacement parts and consumables such as Stitching Wire. We carry over 10 different sizes of wire in various finishes. All parts are made in the USA and are backed by an extensive ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure your satisfaction.

Benefits & Offerings

We Offer You:
  • Proven, cost-effective fastening technology
  • Heavy duty wire stitching machines that outlast comparable equipment
  • Prompt and reliable service and support
  • Performance Guarantee
What You Gain:
  • A reliable and economical solution for your fastening needs
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns, ensuring your production is up and running
  • Minimized production downtime
  • Solutions for your unique fastening challenges


Model L

Model L Bench Machine

The Model L machine is a highly diversified machine used in many industries. Available in both Pedestal and Bench models to suit customer needs, it offers a wide range of crown widths and is adaptable to many wire sizes. The standard crown is 3/8″ and the standard wire sizes are either 25 Gauge round or 20 x 25 Gauge flat. This machine is capable of stitching materials up to 3/16″ thick.

With over 23,000 machines built, it has a proven record of longevity and durability. This machine has been used to stitch header cards, book matches, stick flags, lampshades, air filter frames, gloves, handbags and many more products. Built with parts of cast iron and tool steel, these machines are durable and easy to operate. Capable of producing 350 staples per minute it has a footprint of only 14″ X 16″. It comes equipped with a 1/3 HP motor that operates on 115 VAC house current.

Model L Specifications:

– Capacity: 3/16″ Thickness

– Throat: 10″

– Height to Stitching Point:

  • 34″
  • 38″
  • 42″

– Width of Stitch (Crown):

  • 3/8″ Standard
  • Other sizes available

– Standard Wire Sizes

  • #25 Round (.021″ dia.)
  • 20 X 25 (.034″ X .020″)
  • #1 Hy-Bar (.020″ X .060″)
  • Other sizes available

– Speed: 350 Stitches per Minute

– Standard Motor: 1/6 HP, 115 VAC, 1 Ph

– Foot Switch Controlled

Model L Operating Instructions & Parts List

Model M:

Model M Bench Machine

The Model M machine is a heavy duty machine that serves a variety of purposes. Used primarily for corrugated box and tray assembly, it can also be adapted to stitch sheet metal together for HVAC installations. It has a capacity of stapling materials ½” thick using a 1/3 HP motor that operates on house current. With a throat depth of 16″ it is meant to handle many different applications.

This machine is available in both floor and bench models to handle customer needs. The Model M Bench machine needs only 16″ x 20″ and the Model M Floor machine requires floor space of only 16″ x 38″. Built with parts of cast iron and tool steel, these machines are durable and easy to operate. The few moving parts add up to a machine that is meant to give many years of reliable service.

Model M Specifications:

– Capacity: 1/2″ Thickness

– Throat: 16″

– Full 1″ Height to Stitching Point

– Width of Stitch (Crown):

  • 1/2″ Standard
  • Other sizes available

– Standard Wire Sizes:

  • .017 X .103
  • .020 X .103
  • #1 Hy-Bar (.020″ X .060″)
  • Other sizes available

– Speed: Variable – Up to 300 Stitches per Minute

– Standard Motor: 1/3 HP, 115 VAC, 1 Ph

– Foot Switch Controlled

– Bottom Stitcher Will Accommodate Cartons Up to 30″ in Depth

Model M Operating Instructions & Parts List

Stitching Wire

  • #18 Round (.047″)
  • #25 Round (.021″ dia.)
  • 20 x 25 (.034″ X .020″)
  • #1 Hy-Bar (.020″ X .060″)
  • #3 Hy-Bar (.060″ X .028″)
  • .017 X .103
  • .020 X .103
  • Other sizes available

Stitching Wire

Why Choose New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company?

• Experience

– We have been designing and manufacturing wire stitching machinery for over a century.

• Exceptional Durability

– Our machines run longer and require less maintenance than other wire fastening equipment.

• Guarantee

– We stand behind each machine we sell, and guarantee that they will address your specific fastening needs.

• A Precision Automation® Company

– We are supported by the financial strength and manufacturing expertise of Precision Automation® Company, Inc., a leader in production automation machinery for over 65 years.

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company has achieved a reputation for excellence in manufacturing during our 130 year history. Over that time period, we have designed, built and supplied more than 250 types of high quality, power-driven wire stitching and bag closing machinery, now used worldwide in a variety of applications. Our company provides wire stitchers for cardboard, metal, textile fabrics, plastics, and many other types of packaging. Wire stitches are used in a variety of applications including:

  • corrugated boxes
  • air filters
  • drawstring bags
  • match books
  • retail display packaging (for gloves, novelties, air fresheners and other items)
  • apparel (for belts, handbags and hats)
  • flags
  • lampshades
  • coil forms
  • electronics
  • radio assemblies
  • solderless connections
  • sheet metal ductwork

Our customers have learned to count on the reliability of New Jersey Wire Stitching machines. Due to their simple design and rugged construction, our machines are extremely durable and require little maintenance. Should your machine ever require repairs, our extensive dealer network will promptly provide parts and service, ensuring that your production will be back on-line as soon as possible. In addition, spare parts and wire supplies can be ordered directly from us.