…in a small, privately owned machine shop located in Haddonfield, New Jersey called Precision Parts Company. Growing organically through the hard work and sweat of Fred and a few trusted employees, the company was able to establish a foothold in the post-World War II industrial climate.

Continued Growth

Precision Automation History

In 1953, as our business continued to grow, we opened a second manufacturing facility in southern Indiana to serve our customers who were also expanding. Through this expansion, a strong foundation was established in the Mid-Western market. Today, paco manufacturing® continues to grow and thrive.

Back in New Jersey, due to our rapid growth, we evolved from our humble beginnings and relocated several times. In 1966, Precision Parts moved to our seventh (and now current) location in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Expanded Services

By 1972, we expanded our services to include the design and manufacture of automation machinery and changed our name to Precision Automation® Company, Inc. to reflect our new focus.

In the early 1980s we introduced a conveyor division, expanding our markets to include product handling services. At the same time, we purchased our first CNC machining center to upgrade our machine shop capabilities.

The 1990s brought some of the strongest success in our company history. Our capabilities grew, we employed more people, and expanded our facility to its current size of 45,000 square feet. We continued to invest in technology, adding CNC machining centers and continued to adapt to a rapidly advancing technological environment.

A Wider Range of Products and Services

Through the years we have continued to focus on our core competencies – machining, fabrication and machine building – while growing our business to provide a wider range of products and services.

In 2000, we acquired the New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company and consolidated its operations into our Cherry Hill facility.

In 2008, Precision Automation® Company established a relationship with Arca Etichette SPA of Milan, Italy and expanded our product offerings to include top quality labeling machinery and systems. Combining the resources of our two organizations, Precision Automation® quickly established itself as a leading provider of labeling solutions in North America.

Precision Today

Today, Precision Automation® remains a growing and thriving business that has established itself as a leader in American manufacturing and innovation. By employing top talent throughout the industry and utilizing cutting edge technologies to drive our growth, we continue to provide the utmost in quality and value.

Driven by the needs of our customers, we have evolved over our 75 year history into a versatile, vertically integrated company offering a variety of automation solutions to domestic and global industries.