Our Approach

You may have already read this about us, but we at Precision Automation® pride ourselves on the ability to provide efficient solutions to our customers. How, exactly? Based on the detailed process below that we attribute to each individual customer based on their needs and parameters. Each step of this development may not necessarily apply to every project we undertake, but we apply the same approach and attention to detail with every one of our customers, and that is our guarantee.

Project Analysis & Concept Development

The first step for our team is understanding your operation and pain points. A series of questions or an initial site visit usually give us enough information and knowledge to proceed with concept development. If a detailed project specification is available, this initial step will be streamlined.

Detailed System Design & Modeling

Once the initial concept is approved, our detailed engineering process begins. With AutoCAD and Inventor capabilities, Precision’s team of engineers will develop drawings and models of the system within your operating space.

Software Development & Controls Programming

Controls & software are the brains that operate our sophisticated processing and packaging systems. Often developed in conjunction with the mechanical designs and modeling, our engineering team designs the controls, software, and electrical schematics for your unique system. Our controls engineers have been taking on increasingly more challenging ventures for decades, and are always up to the task.

Component Procurement & Fabrication

After an engineering review and acceptance of the complete system design, materials and components will be procured and fabricated by skilled machinists in our modern machine shop. We utilize a long list of trusted suppliers and manufacturing partners that gives our team the ability to choose the optimum materials and components. Our purchasing team ensures accurate and rapid delivery of all incoming parts.

System Assembly

Once all pieces are procured and fabricated, our team assembles the final system. Precision Automation® is prepared for all types of machine features and our available assets and tools allow our experienced technicians to rapidly complete the mechanical, electrical and controls build phase.

Testing, De-Bug, and Customer Acceptance

After the system is completely built, we begin de-bug and troubleshooting. We require customers to send us samples to execute system testing. An on-site Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is recommended but we also offer to provide detailed pictures and video to certify the system operation.

Installation, Start-up, and Training

The final step to guarantee customer satisfaction: installation, start-up and training! Our service technicians will install and train as necessary, and support the start-up of your system or line. We vow to do everything in our power to ensure complete customer satisfaction for each of our valued customers!