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A Letter from the President

To all of Precision Automation’s valued customers, partners, and suppliers,   

It’s been said, in all walks of life, that change is inevitable. At Precision Automation, we’ve enjoyed the luxury of an attractive location and facility, one that has allowed us to expand on multiple occasions, fostering our organic growth story that has come to define our organization throughout our history. When it comes to where and how we do business, we haven’t had to change very much. I’m writing today to inform you that the time for change has arrived, and that Precision Automation will be relocating our operation in New Jersey, and at the same time, bolstering our operation in Indiana.  

But first, a quick history lesson. 

Precision Parts Company was founded by my grandfather in 1946, in his garage, which was heated by a pot belly stove. From these humble beginnings, our growth was fueled by his commitment to support customers in the local Delaware Valley region. As we expanded our team, capabilities, and customer base, it didn’t take long to outgrow that garage. Between 1946 and 1966, our business relocated seven times until we settled into our location on Old Cuthbert Road in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Precision Parts truck

A modern manufacturing facility was erected on several acres of land and our name was changed to Precision Automation Company, Inc. to reflect a growing product/service offering.  Over the last 58 years, Precision Automation has matured in our current facility, expanded it several times, and fostered many strong relationships with employees, customers, and valued suppliers. Having relocated seven times in our first 20 years, to staying put for almost 60 is quite the change. However, we had everything we needed, and we had the ability to expand as required, which we did.   

Precision Automation’s story in New Jersey is similar to our story at pāco manufacturing, our facility in Southern Indiana. Founded as Precision Parts Company of Indiana, and currently doing business as pāco manufacturing – a Precision Automation Company, this operation has been in business since 1953. Driven by the needs of our customers, this plant was established to support one of our largest customers at that time as General Electric relocated and opened Appliance Park in Louisville, KY. Initially located in a repurposed movie theater in Jeffersonville, IN, pāco manufacturing grew and expanded, ultimately finding its current home in Clarksville, IN in 1968. 

Our company history is an important part of this message because although Precision Automation and pāco manufacturing have operated relatively autonomously for 70 years, we are approaching a convergence point. Our executive management team has decided that it is time for our two facilities to leverage the best of our resources at each location as we look ahead to the next chapter of Precision Automation and pāco manufacturing.   

Precision Machine Shop

With this, I am pleased to announce that Precision Automation will be relocating our New Jersey operation and establishing a new focus at this facility. While Precision Automation and pāco manufacturing will continue to offer the same product and service mix to our diverse, nationwide customer base, we will be doing so in a streamlined fashion.

Our organization in New Jersey will feature administration, sales, engineering, and service teams, along with a highly skilled team of electromechanical technicians. It will focus primarily on advanced automation solutions and the integration of robotic, labeling, and material handling systems. We will continue to assemble machinery and systems out of this location as well. pāco manufacturing will assume the lead role in our corporate manufacturing operation and will feature an expanded, modernized, and improved machine shop. It will also serve as our primary location for fabrication and machine building services. Undoubtedly, pāco manufacturing will be able to offer additional capacity and capabilities to both current and future customers. 

Change is difficult, and as we are deeply in the process of relocation, we feel it. We also feel very strongly that leveraging and bolstering pāco manufacturing’s machine shop, machine building, and overall manufacturing expertise offers a better and more advanced way of serving our customers. Concurrently, leveraging Precision Automation’s experienced project management and skilled technical teams brings out the best of both locations and will make for a stronger corporation that is prepared to take on the unique challenges of today. I hope you’ll join us on this journey as we forge ahead and establish a new foundation from which Precision Automation and pāco manufacturing can thrive! 

Precision Automation Cherry Hill NJ

As we settle into the New Year, it offers an opportunity for reflection and goal setting. We are eternally grateful for the many relationships that have been built, with customers and suppliers alike. We have immeasurable gratitude for our long-term employees at both of our locations. Without them, we would not be the organization that we are today. Our goals persist and the mission and vision statements that have guided us for decades- which include a commitment to our customers, our employees, and quality products and services- remain our guiding principles. 

As of February 1, 2024, Precision Automation Company, Inc. will be located at:  

2303 Garry Road, Unit 5, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.

pāco manufacturing remains in its current location of:  

2120 Addmore Lane, Clarksville, IN 47129. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to a bright future together. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.   




Daniel F. Rexon   

President & Sales Manager  

Precision Automation Company, Inc.   


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