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Announcement of Promotions & New Hires

Positive news and excitement have echoed through the halls of Precision Automation lately, as we celebrate yet another positive quarter, and are proud to announce new talent who has joined our company as well as promotions for multiple members of the team!

On Thursday, September 13th, President and CEO Fred Rexon addressed the employees of Precision prior to a company-wide luncheon to commemorate our 9th successful quarter in a row.  He thanked everyone for their individual contributions, and emphasized that we would not be able to complete the number of orders we have received without each employee’s tireless involvement.

It is indeed a busy time to be a part of the Precision Automation team, with a good amount of our team working overtime hours to complete projects.  All the while, our salespeople and engineers continue to seek out new business and bring innovative new projects to our organization. This active schedule brings forth the need for new talent to help accomplish our objectives.  We would like to formally recognize our employees who have joined the company this year:

Peter Burke

Thomas Cloud

Kyle Cohen

Bill Gall

Chris Koszyk

Tom Nelson

A J Pancamo

Michael Renzi

Adam Rudebush

Fred also took this opportunity to announce some strategic organizational changes involving key members of our staff.  These personnel have all been with the company for varying number of years.  Due to their hard work and determination their roles have been adjusted to reflect such valuable efforts.  Please take a moment and recognize the following individuals and their new positions:

Gerry Renzi – Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Mark Johnson – Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Jeff Salabritas – Plant Manager & Director of Manufacturing

Troy Seidel – Shop Foreman

Dan Rexon – Sales Manager

Lori Johnson – Office Manager

Our organization is grateful for all the work that our entire team has put forth this year and we look forward to bringing that same enthusiasm into the year’s final quarter.  With each employee contributing their full potential, anything truly is ‘possible with Precision’!

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