CNC Machining Services 

Precision Automation Company manufactures industrial automation systems designed to improve throughput, reduce or eliminate scrap, and rework with an eye for achieving level loaded production. One way we produce these efficient systems is through CNC machining. As a turnkey systems integrator with a complete machine shop, we are capable of utilizing our in-house systems to produce or complete a system based on our customer’s specifications. Learn more about how we utilize CNC machining services to the benefit of our customers:

What is CNC Machining?

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, machining is a manufacturing process which uses specialized computer software to guide production machinery. CNC machining is used to control various types of complex machinery. Whether a project requires grinders, lathes, mills, or CNC routers, CNC machining can provide efficient assistance. By eliminating a significant portion of manual labor during each project, CNC not only eliminates nearly all human error during manufacturing, but also reduces labor costs.

CNC Machining Centers

CNC machining is most typically used to both cut and form various parts and prototypes. On the production floor, our CNC machinists use mechanical design, technical plans, and computer programming software to create customized metal and plastic parts.

CNC Machining Experts

Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, our team maps out part dimensions, then subsequently uses Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to produce the desired machine directives. Because an in-depth knowledge of CNC machining software is required for these projects, it is crucial to employ highly skilled and highly knowledgeable CNC machinists. At Precision Automation, we prioritize hiring the best workforce in the industry, ensuring that every aspect of our CNC machining department operates at its fullest potential.

Our skilled machinists work with a wide selection of materials, providing each project with the most suitable resources available. From initial design to finish, we control all aspects of the manufacturing process in-house, enabling us to deliver high quality, cost-effective components with exceptional turnaround times in compliance of our ISO 9001 guidelines.

CNC machining

CNC Turning Centers

CNC turning is another area of Precision Automation’s production department that benefits our customers. Like the CNC machining center, our CNC turning center uses an automated manufacturing process. This particular technique is subtractive, rotating pieces of material, removing specific parts of that material using specialized tooling.

CNC Horizontal Boring Mills

Compared to vertical CNC milling machines, horizontal CNC milling machines offer a different set of advantages including: manufacturing more complex components with fewer steps, faster processing speeds, and longer tooling lives. Additionally, this type of CNC machining is ideal for large and heavy parts, or irregular projects with multiple sides.

Technologically Advanced CNC Solutions

Our manufacturing facility equips the cutting-edge CNC machining technology, ensuring that every project is manufactured to high quality standards. Highly precise and consistent, CNC machining allows for quick and accurate material removal.

CNC Machining and Turnkey Solutions

With a full CNC machine and fabrication shop on site, we also produce subassemblies which allows us to build an OEM’s machine to what level of completeness they desire. With ISO 9001-2015 Certifications many of our customers also use our CNC machining capabilities for their own specific needs!

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