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Complete Machine Building for OEMs

Precision Automation® Company, Inc. offers high-quality machine building services to our customers, with the ability to handle just about any project from start to finish. By supporting OEMs with a combination of our contract manufacturing and machine building services, Precision Automation controls each aspect of the system across the entire production process. We manufacture custom solutions to solve our customers’ challenges starting with concept development, from mechanical & electrical design, fabrication, assembly, all the way through testing & installation.

Complete Machine Building: Machining

When it comes to complete machine building, our CNC machinists are a notable strength in which to invest. With regard to the range of our machining capabilities, our CNC lathe and machining centers accommodate anything from small orders to large capacities. When you choose Precision Automation for your CNC machining needs, an exceedingly experienced team is guaranteed to be working on your project.

At Precision Automation, we have developed a highly competent CNC machining group that works to continually strengthen our organization’s ability to produce high-quality machine builds. Our confidence in the individuals we employ is matched only by our assurance that we will complete each machine building project to your exact standards of accuracy and precision.

Complete Machine Building: Fabrication

As we take into account the many unique details that your machine building project entails, you will likely require at least one of our many types of welding and fabrication services. Whether by using our fabrication capabilities to shape sheet metal and other forms of material into usable parts or employing our TIG and MIG welding capabilities for structural framing, Precision Automation meets your needs for complete machine building. Moreover, we offer an array of materials that our team can work with, including regular mild steel, stainless, aluminum, and engineered plastics. Always up for a challenge, we have also worked with other more difficult materials on occasion when the project required it.

Custom Packaging System

Complete Machine Building: Assembly

The assembly of equipment is a hands-on collaborative operation supported by our engineering department. At Precision Automation, we consider our complete machine building assembly services to be a particular strength of our company because every discipline of our business is involved in assembly processes. With a full machine and fabrication shop on-site, we also produce electromechanical subassemblies and control panels. This factor allows Precision Automation to build our OEM customers’ machines to any level of completeness desired.

While assembly projects can get quite complicated, Precision Automation is fully equipped to not only fulfill low-level assembly orders but also to meet customer needs for bundling, packaging, filling, and more! Our excellent quality management system backs our range of assembly services and they meet international market standardization thanks to our ISO 9001 certification.

Complete Machine Building: Wiring, Testing, and More!

Ultimately, the diversity of our capabilities allows Precision Automation to offer the full contract build for an OEM with confidence. In addition to the complete machine building services we have already mentioned, Precision Automation also handles testing and finishing processes.

As a machine shop with engineering and robotic integration experience, our company is uniquely positioned to offer truly turnkey automation machine services from start to finish. Whether your project involves using our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software or our first-rate reverse engineering skills, Precision Automation is ready to provide solutions for your machine building needs.

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