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Our company had the honor of being recognized by Manufacturing In Focus magazine for their April issue. Based on a preliminary interview with both Fred & Dan Rexon, the publication’s editing team put together a comprehensive look at Precision Automation®: past, present, and future.

Fred & Dan discuss how Fred Sr. founded the business in 1946, its evolution over the years, and the strong support for local community that employees have been embraced. The company has evolved over the years, but the business is shaped by its most important asset, the people who come in every day and give their best work to each project. Through the experience of nearly 75 years, the Precision team looks ahead to machinery innovation possibilities and overcoming challenges that stand in the way.

An Excerpt from the Article:

[Precision] customizes solutions that help improve processes for its customers, such as material handling and packaging solutions in Amazon- and Costco-style warehouses and distribution centers. It has also developed strategic partnerships to represent a line of labeling and marking machinery. “In the broadest sense, we supply equipment for people who make things,” Dan says.

The team is proud that all of their equipment is designed and built in America. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and are committed to the quality, support, service and relationships that go along with that.

“Our customers tell us what their pain is – where they’re struggling, where they’re inefficient – and we’ll determine the best solution for them,” Dan explains. “Often times, we will integrate a solution, utilizing standard off-the-shelf packaging machinery, then design a material handling concept to provide a turnkey system. We don’t say ‘no’ to a lot of applications because if standard solutions don’t exist, then we can design and build something from a napkin sketch and go from there.”

The rest of the story can be found in the online edition of Manufacturing In Focus. Additionally, we have saved a PDF copy that you can peruse here:

Precision Automation® Company – 2020

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