Feature on Two Different Types of Print & Apply Labeling

Are you looking for the perfect labeling system for your application, but not sure where to turn? Precision Automation® introduces two unique print & apply systems that address the need for our clients looking to label either packages or products.

In preparation for the recently completed ProMatDX virtual trade show, our team put together a product demo video highlighting a couple of labeling systems that have been proven valuable to numerous types of businesses. Both solutions offer the same promise of reliability and consistency that all of our labeling & laser marking solutions are renown for, but each boasts their own specific benefits.

The first one we are showcasing is the Full Color Print & Apply Labeling System, which allows for the application of customized high-definition color labels. Built for flexibility, this print-on-demand system is ideal for small runs that may require quick label changeover. The Arca Evolution labeling head integrated with the Epson C7500 Printer provides full color, completely customized label application for jobs that may need to switch out products or labels.

This system can be configured to apply labels that will stand out on any primary product or case that is conveyed inline within your process. The advantage of this labeling system is its ability to be tailored to a variety of operations and environments to allow you to print high-resolution logos & images and immediately apply them to your product.

Full color print & apply labeler

The other unique print & apply option more specific to end-of-line applications is the LinerPlus Print & Apply Labeling System. In conjunction with Chicago Tag & Label, this versatile system is customizable to your operation and prints & applies a Multiplex™ shipping label to any side of a box or case. This shipping label is unique for its 2- or 3-part construction: a shipping label, packing list, and return label in convenient tear-away sections applied in one process.

With this solution, you can perform multiple application functions with a single system and leave those plastic bag case attachments as a thing of the past! The LinerPlus Labeling System can also be oriented for pallet print & apply labeling as well.

Both of these systems bring a distinct approach to print & apply labeling, and have distinct benefits for differing applications. The Precision Automation® team specializes in tailoring our solutions to each customer’s requirements and operation. In our 75th year of business, we hold customer satisfaction to the highest regard and strive for cost savings and maximum efficiency for every client we serve.

Contact us today to learn more and find out how our solutions can be integrated to enhance your business!

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