Full Color Print & Apply

Full Color Print & Apply Offers Unique Approach to Labeling

For plenty of businesses, printing a label at the end of the production line and applying to the product or case has become an automation essential. Usually this is a standard address label including a barcode, but other times companies need a logo or image with a bit more color on the exterior of their case to distinguish themselves. This system we are highlighting today fits the overall needs of the latter, offering a full color spectrum for all of your product or case labeling needs.

HD Color Printing & Applying

The main feature of the Full Color Print & Apply Labeler is right in the name: full color. The system differs from traditional labeling solutions which apply pre-printed labels or black and white print & apply labels. Instead, this system utilizes an Epson Printer to create a batch of customized, colored labels which are fed out of the printer, then weaved through a customized web-handling system before applying to a product or box. This system has been used to apply hazard labels, chemical warning labels, and other noticeable information. Often, a customer may look to use high-definition color to stand out, differentiate their product, or comply with regulatory requirements.

Full Color Print & Apply

Opportunity for Branding

Hazard identifiers are just one way to use this sleek system. A startup company looking to brighten up their packaging could find usefulness with their branded full color logo being printed right before applying without having to stock large quantities of pre-printed labels. Or a business with a multitude of photos could print out and incorporate them into unique labels as an added bonus for their customers. An article this past week in Digital Journal predicts a major uptick in the near future for on-demand color labels. Where QR and AR labels provide quick and easy access to added information, these full color labels can truly help a business stand out from their competition, without devoting employee labor to a labeling process that is just as easily automated for convenience.

Small Batch Printing on Demand

The print-on-demand functionality of this system is ideal for those customers who may need to change their label often for small batch production. For instance, companies in somewhat niche markets like cannabis/CBD, craft breweries, or chemical manufacturers may need to change their label frequently depending on the contents of each container, case, or package. Varying label requirements with recurring changeover simply call for a supervisor/operator to make those necessary edits with the software and input the information into the Epson printer for the next round of labels, with very little downtime or disruption.

Maximize Relevant Information

As seen in the video above, multiple Full Color Print & Apply systems are integrated together to label on dual sides of both primary product- in this case: plastic containers- and cases. This Epson Printer can print variable data in full color at up to 11.8” per second, though overall system rate is dependent on label size and print quality. In this video example, both sides of the container & case are displaying clear, full color labels that instantly let the viewer know the logos and brands associated with the product. For this particular application, the case also receives a pre-printed flammable notice.

Tell Us About Your Unique Labeling Needs

There are countless ways to utilize this system and tailor it to your specific products or existing processes. Precision Automation® would like to find out additional information from you, and explore how a customized version of this system can benefit your business. Our team looks forward to assisting in the upgrade of your operation to streamline your print & apply labeling and enhance your customers’ buying experience. Feel free to contact us today and tell us a bit more about your process so our team can begin providing the perfect solution for your labeling needs.

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