How Important Is Quality Control to You?

Precision Quality Is Built Into Our Contract Manufacturing Process

With over 75 years of experience, Precision Automation has refined our skills as a contract manufacturer, having accomplished a proven process by implementing thorough quality control techniques.

This dedication to quality contract manufacturing has resulted in Precision Automation’s Quality Management System gaining and maintaining ISO 9001:2015 certification, reflecting our company’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, as well as high-quality contract manufacturing. Discover how Precision Automation executes quality control during each step of the manufacturing process.

Quality Control As it Relates to Contract Manufacturing: Project Analysis & Concept Development

We begin every contract manufacturing project by assessing and anticipating potential pain points, which eliminates any manufacturing hiccups before they have a chance to arise. At this stage, quality control is primarily performed with a series of thorough questions and initial site inspections. Our quality-controlled process seeks out detailed project specifications when they are made available by our customers, as this data further improves the quality of the contract manufacturing process.

Not only do quality control measures at the beginning of a project greatly maximize the accuracy and precision of the contract manufacturing process, but it also can reduce costs. Learn more about this benefit of contract manufacturing here.

Quality Control As it Relates to Contract Manufacturing: Software Development & Machining Equipment

Since controls and software are the brains that operate much of the contract manufacturing process, it is essential that this area of our business is overseen by exacting quality control systems. Because we invest in our workforce, our highly trained engineering teams design the software and schematics for each unique system.

Beyond in-depth training and oversight regarding the human side of our contract manufacturing operation, we consistently invest in cutting edge technology that equips our team to provide the highest quality machined parts, and do so with even greater speeds! An example of our future-focused machinery is the new Haas ST-30SS CNC Lathe (seen below), which provides Precision Automation a high-performance turning center ideal for our high-volume & high-production environment.

Haas Machining Center

Quality Control As it Relates to Contract Manufacturing: Material Procurement

When entering into the fabrication process of contract manufacturing, quality control begins with material procurement. We demand the best, utilizing a long list of suppliers and manufacturing partners with whom we already have an established and trustworthy business relationship. This procurement approach gives our team the ability to choose the optimum materials and components from numerous partner-supplier sources.

Quality Control As it Relates to Contract Manufacturing: Testing and Troubleshooting

After each system is completely built, we begin to de-bug and troubleshoot, ensuring proficient quality in the finished product. We require customers to send us samples to execute system testing. An on-site Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is strongly recommended but we also offer to provide detailed pictures and video to certify the system operation.

Quality Control As it Relates to Contract Manufacturing: Installation, Start-up, and Training

The final step of quality assurance is guaranteeing that customer satisfaction is achieved during each project. With installation, start-up, and training services, our service technicians can support the start-up of your system or line. By doing everything possible to ensure that the end result is to our customers’ satisfaction, Precision Automation fulfills the ultimate purpose of contract manufacturing quality control.

Precision Automation’s Commitment to Quality Control

From the beginning to the end of the contract manufacturing process, our administration and sales staff must adhere to rigorous quality assurance standards. Our experience and commitment to the ISO 9001 program enables our company to achieve success and pass the benefits along to our customers because they can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality machinery and services on the market.

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