Pharma Integrated System

Industries Supported with Machine Building Services

When an organization seeks to internally improve, they are typically looking for an increased output, faster operation, a safer workspace, repeatable process, or any combination thereof. Precision Automation’s machine building services, customized for you, allows client companies to select which aspect(s) of their process they want to address.

As a result, machine building is not merely an ideal resource for one or two specific industries, but rather: it is a service that adapts to a wide range of industry needs. We invite our customers to explore the many ways that our company provides custom machine building services according to their specific industry needs.

Pharmaceutical Machine Building

The pharmaceutical industry is a sector that requires highly dependable and precise equipment for the handling of products and containers of varying shapes and sizes. Because of the regulated nature of pharmaceutical and medical industry applications, mishandled product can be the cause of immense concern, potentially even putting end-users’ health at risk. Fortunately, Precision’s machine building feature automatic solutions that reduce the manual labor involved in manufacturing processes, thereby minimizing the risk of human error or contamination. Custom systems have been designed and implemented to assist with liquid & solid dosing, drug delivery, custom packaging, labeling, and more!

Systems Built for the Food & Beverage Industry

Similarly to the pharmaceutical industry, high-quality system processing is key when it comes to food and beverage. Precision Automation® is well-accustomed to providing sanitary conveyor solutions that meet the food industry’s expectations for food contact and cleanliness. Beyond food and beverage processing, our machine building resources are often used to provide packaging solutions as well as in-line labeling machinery for various-sized food and beverage applications. Utilizing the latest technology in vision-guided robotics, even non-uniform products- formerly a major challenge in automation- may be accommodated with our equipment.

Integrated Automation Solution

Warehousing & Distribution Centers Benefit from Custom Machine Building

Precision Automation® assists customers in the warehousing & distribution space by improving operations via machine building services. One unique way we have served our warehousing and distribution customers is by developing a custom processing unit that incorporates barcode scanning into the packaging and shipping process. Beginning with an order fulfillment picking system, products are selected from their bin or shelf and conveyed downstream, through a barcode scanner and toward their individual packaging station. By taking the automation process one step further than simple packaging solutions, our experienced team helps customers not only deliver their products more quickly and efficiently, but also ensures traceability of every package that is processed through the system.

Unique Machine Building for the Consumer Goods Industry

Lastly, our organization works with the consumer goods industry to help process products from cleaning solutions to cosmetics to ceiling tiles, and everything in between. Consumer goods is perhaps the most diverse industry we serve, and by integrating robotic systems into the machine building process, our engineering team is able to develop processing and packaging solutions that can suit any company’s needs. For example, by designing a custom labeling & conveying solution for varying sizes of cleaning products during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Precision Automation® was able to build a unique solution that would prove to be both cost-efficient, reliable, and capable of increasing throughput considerably.

These are only a small handful of industry examples for which our team of dedicated professionals support. Regardless of your product, we invite partners of all trades and industries to contact us and find out how our machine building services can solve your particular bottlenecks today.

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