Flat Product Labeling

Labeling for Stand-Up Pouches

As packaging trends come and go, there is simultaneously a consistent need for innovative ways to label the packaged products. Continuous improvement of labeling processes is just one area of expertise at which our team excels.

The publication Packaging Strategies released an article last week on Why Stand-Up Pouches are a Fast-Growing Segment. The author points out that these types of pouches are garnering more widespread demand in the packaging market due to their reseal-ability (which customers have shown to prefer), recyclability, and durability. The article also discusses how these stand-up pouches (SUPs) are great for snack foods as consumers trend more toward that eating habit.

At Precision Automation, we specialize in various types of labeling applications. What sets us apart is our range of services, so we offer systems that are custom designed for each specific product. The flat product labeling solution we have developed feeds, handles, and labels products in knock-down orientation such as bags, foils, cards, boxes- and yes, even SUPs. Our sales engineers have previously worked with companies who have used these pouches for snack foods, material suppliers, cannabis, and other related product packaging.

This short video demonstrates Precision Automation’s capability dealing with these exact types of pouches:

The turnkey system would only require a manual loading of the feeder with a sleeve of SUPs, bags, or other similar flat product. From there, the rest of the process is automatic: feeding, conveying, labeling, and either moving downstream to the next step or collecting the pouches in one place. See this additional video for further examples of Flat Product Labeling.

If your company is looking to increase efficiency and cut down on waste while labeling your stand-up pouches, Contact Us and we would be happy to review your application. Our team is eager to get the conversation going so we can propose the right flat product labeling solution for you!

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