Labeling To Communicate Your Product

One of the most crucial aspects of a product’s label is communication to the consumer. What does this label convey about the product? Sometimes a simplistic label sends a particular message, other times a piece of nutritional information can drive the point home (only HOW many calories?!) but the label is the first thing a potential customer sees during their selection process. Having that label be clear, concise, and informative is vital for those first couple of seconds in which the consumer is making his or her decision about whether to proceed with purchasing.

This article from Packaging Strategies magazine talks about these topics and more, while projecting that “the total print label market [in the U.S.]…is poised to reach $49.86 billion by 2025.” The example references a British brewery that has seen recent significant growth, and adopted a system to meet its industry needs for more specialization. Labels themselves are more versatile now than ever before, involve more colors and designs than previously possible, and can be applied in any imaginable way upon a product, case, or carton. The labeling rates have increased with newer models as well, with certain Arca label application systems designed to dispense multiple labels per second.

Print apply tamp labeler

Where growth and expansion allow companies opportunity for system upgrades, investment into a faster, more reliable labeling system can pay dividends without delay. An upgraded labeling system:

  • frees up labor to focus on more complex tasks
  • consistently places the label in the same spot every time
  • runs continuously (with label reels loaded)
  • ensures that your product/box/carton tells an accurate tale to intrigued consumers

Precision Automation® systems are designed specifically for each business environment in which they are integrated, and our experienced team ensure complete customer satisfaction with each one of our automation solutions.

In advance of the upcoming Pack Expo Connects virtual trade show in November, Precision Automation is displaying our most recent innovative system for full color print & apply labeling. This system can be configured to label either packages/boxes/cartons or individual products with full color labels, printing on demand prior to application. Our unique solution integrates an Arca labeling head (or multiple, in the case of the video below) with an Epson printer, and is exceptionally useful for small batch labeling, or products that require frequent label changeover- like the brewery mentioned above.

Regardless of industry, plenty of applications can use this type of system (or similar) to apply a label inline to a particular batch of product or case. Contact us today to tell us about your operation: our sales engineers do not try and persuade clientele to purchase inventory products- but rather, we listen.

At Precision Automation®, we learn about what is slowing down your efficiency, and then provide a turnkey solution to handle that particular pain point. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your unique situation, and how our automation solutions can assist!

How To Choose Labeling Equipment In Four Steps

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