Machine Shop Services: Solving Clients’ Problems

At any given time, when you walk through the facility at Precision Automation® you will hear chatter about multiple projects and constant communication between departments. The effect of each employee multitasking their various duties goes hand-in-hand with our vision of nurturing a company-wide culture of innovation. It also demonstrates a workforce that is committed to completing each job correctly and efficiently, to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

Since 1946, Precision Automation® has provided automation solutions and machine shop services with an ever-expanding array of manufacturing capabilities. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to solve complex automation issues. A common saying around here is that “with enough time and money, we can build you a rocket ship”; and while it is not meant literally, the message is that we are problem-solvers, committed to helping our clients achieve their operational objectives.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right shop to work with? Money? Lead time? Quality? Our organization strives to prioritize all of these aspects for you: fulfilling your order in rapid turnaround time, detail-oriented to the print, and at a cost that works with your budget. Each department of our machine shop focuses on completing their respective task as quickly as possible, and checking their work (with re-checks by Inspection) in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

Contract Manufacturing Infographic

The infographic above lists our shop resources and the various ways they serve to fulfill our customers’ needs, but it still an overview. It does not go into detail discussing services such as 4th Axis CNC Milling, which involves an additional axis than the standard X-Y-Z plane of CNC machining, and is useful for a number of different applications that require continuous or intermittent cutting.

A versatile system within our shop that can handle multiple different kinds of applications is the Deep Hole Gundrill. This self-contained machine drills a hole into a long piece of material (made of plastic, aluminum, steel, etc.) and is vital for giving our finished product the smooth bore needed for sanitation manifolds- especially when it comes to pharmaceutical injection substances.

Another machining service in our arsenal is the Haas Bar Feeder, pictured below in conjunction with the Haas CNC Turning Center. This system provides a simplified way to automate part production in a standalone manner, without the need for constant operator supervision. It is fed with 6′ long bar stock and boosts shop productivity by streamlining our turning operations.

Haas Bar Feeder

While our company is proud of our updated, technologically-advanced machinery capabilities, the real difference-maker in the machine shop is the most prominent resource we have: our team of dedicated employees. The combined experience of our knowledgeable staff operating the systems in-house is not only an enormous advantage in machine shop aptitude, but also something for which our entire staff is incredibly grateful.

“Our first class machinists in both New Jersey and Indiana have the knowledge and experience to provide highly accurate machined components within very tight tolerances” reports Executive VP Gerry Renzi. “Along with our many CNC machining centers we have the ability to produce large amounts of work in a very quick timeframe.”

Precision Machine Shop

The challenge for the Precision Automation® machine shop remains closer to what CAN’T we do, rather than what CAN we do. With Mastercam software to facilitate AutoCAD designing, laser marking systems for part & material identification, and complete controls assembly proficiency, our team has every ability to solve our customer problems- great or small. If we determine that a particular portion of a project cannot be completed at one or both of our locations due to time constraints, we have numerous relationships with key vendors with whom we can subcontract for assistance.

Between our immensely skilled employees at two manufacturing facilities, systems capabilities, and proven approach toward solving customer problems, Precision Automation® is ready to tackle your complex automation initiatives. Our team is here to be your one-stop shop for turnkey design, fabrication, and assembly of automation systems- with the ability to replicate the design many times over for your multi-location operation.

Contact Us today and tell us about what pains you, and we’ll discuss how our solutions can enhance your efficiency and save you costs to better your business elsewhere.

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