Mark Johnson Nominated for MHI Mentor Award

Congratulations to our Sales Manager, Mark Johnson, for his Mentor of the Year Award nomination from the Material Handling Industry (MHI)!

Throughout our team’s busy trade show month, it’s important to stop and appreciate the efforts of the Precision Automation® individuals who contribute to make these exhibitions happen. From our team of technicians who build & modify the booth crates to fit all of our equipment & materials, to our team of trade show representatives who setup, work the show floor, and breakdown the display- the hard work is evident, and much appreciated when a successful show is completed.

As part of the Modex trade show, MHI hosted its 4th Annual Young Professional Network Awards. Among the awards given out, the Mentor Award featured three finalists, one of whom was our very own Mark Johnson. Per the organization’s website: “The Mentor Award is awarded to an MHI member who offers professional guidance, is a positive and inspiring role model, instills and nurtures talent, advocates for employees and supports their professional development and possesses a commitment to the company and its people.”

Through his daily actions as Sales Manager, Mark exemplifies the very definition of a mentor. With sales engineers at the headquarters of Precision Automation® in Cherry Hill, NJ as well as scattered throughout the U.S., Mark is charged with ensuring they are equipped with the proper resources and support to do their job. He enthusiastically engages his team, and candidly offers his support and assistance, even if it is not specifically asked of him. Additionally, Mark leads from the front with his technical proficiency in dealing with all of the equipment and machinery that he sells; in the event that a technician is unavailable for service, he does not hesitate to roll his sleeves up and fix the issue.

Even though he didn’t take home the award, the Precision Automation® family is grateful for all the hard work put in by our manager of sales. Ask any individual in our organization, and it would be immediately clear that there is genuine trust his expertise and leadership. Mark’s capabilities and guidance instill confidence throughout our team, and that is something we can always strive for more of. Thank you Mark and we look forward to many more years of your valuable mentorship!

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