New Precision “P” Logo Adorns Building

The Precision Automation family continues the building and reinforcement of our brand by mounting new versions of the familiar “P” logo on the outsides of the building and around our property.

In early 2018, a new Opportunity For Improvement (OFI) was added to our Quality documentation that focused on the reinforcement and increased visibility of the Precision Automation brand. This OFI was quickly addressed and was included in our Strategic Plan. We developed a relationship with a local brand and web development company,  White Penny, who built a new website which we are very proud of.

The other portion of that initiative was to develop a new modernized logo. Much like how our sales engineers tackle a project, the branding team followed an outlined Process which began with a concept development. After some back and forth, we landed on a design that was similar in style to the longstanding original “P” logo (in order to maintain continuity), but one that also featured a modular, modern look and brought back the helix feature originally envisioned by our founder in 1946.

Along with the updated logo and website, Precision continues to demonstrate innovative technological capabilities with an ever-expanding proficiency. For instance, in addition to labeling machinery that our team has been providing for over a decade, we also now offer a variety of laser marking systems with competitive advantages. In addition to different types of conveyor systems, our sales engineers now supply turnkey automation systems for warehousing & distribution applications- complete with warehouse management software. And our recent trade show booths have included collaborative robots performing different tasks, exhibiting our aptitude with robotic system integration.

Even with an upgraded logo and modernized website layout, the principals upon which our organization was founded are unchanged. We are driven to satisfy the needs of our customers, and are committed to integrity and a high standard of conduct at all levels of our business. But it never hurts to illuminate our presence to the passersby driving along the NJ Turnpike, alerting them that Precision Automation is here to provide solutions for your automation needs.

Lit Up Precision Logo

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