Arca 4.0 Dynamic

New Series of Labeling Solutions

While Precision was founded on the premise of machine parts supply, and has long focused on designing and building custom machinery equipment, we have recently shifted to include integration of systems such as custom labeling solutions.

We still maintain the core backbone of our machine shop, but additionally our team provides customers with a fully comprehensive service selection. Labeling and laser marking systems by Precision Automation® are designed for in-line labeling of various products, with a prioritization of flexibility and durability. Our company delivers proven results and excellent customer service throughout each label solution project.

Arca Label Applicators

Precision invests in only the best equipment to ensure our customers receive robust labeling solutions. Because of this, our company has an ongoing partnership with Arca label applicators, which are ideal for large, industrial labeling needs. Not only are Arca label applicators durable for applications which require constant use, but this equipment is also known throughout the industry as providing the highest level of performance possible.

New Label Applicators

Arca Label applicators are available in several different models, including Easy, Evolution, Wind, and Flash: each with their own advantages, depending on the specific application. Moreover, Arca routinely updates their series of applicators every seven to eight years to ensure that their equipment continues to evolve to meet industry needs. Recently, Arca has released their 4.0 S-Series of label applicator equipment, and Precision readily updated our solutions with these new equipment iterations.

Arca 4.0 Evolution

New Label Applicator Features

With new equipment, our team takes advantage of countless new features! Explore the ways that the 4.0 Arca Label Applicator series improves the quality of our label solutions processes:

Intuitive Interface

A number one priority for manufacturing companies seeking custom label solutions is ease of use. Precision is proud to be a company that designs equipment with the end-user in mind. The Arca labeling heads help us accomplish our vision for an entirely intuitive labeling system by providing an easy-to use touchscreen interface. Not only does this touchscreen decrease the likelihood of operator mistakes, it also allows for storage & instant editing of multiple labeling programs- which is especially useful in a facility with plenty of production/processing lines or multiple product sizes requiring changeover.

Range Monitoring

Furthermore, Arca 4.0 systems are advantageous due to their ability to make calculations in real time. By automatically monitoring important aspects of the labeling process, such as the use of label rolls, Arca technology reduces the manual labor required from labeling system operators. The touchscreen’s complementary pictures make it easier to understand the various commands, regardless of language spoken.

Security Modeling

Depending on the industry, labeling solutions may require specialized security modeling measures. As a company that prides itself on meeting the unique needs of every customer, Precision is pleased to inform customers that the newest iteration of Arca label applicators will protect operating parameters individually, as needed. This function facilitates various levels of allowable tasks for different personnel with login information, so for example: engineers may be able to edit certain parameters while maintenance & operators would have their own permissions.

Video Training

The training videos contained within the software guides operators in multiple operations. This makes it significantly easier for training personnel who may not frequently work with labeling systems to better understand the nuances of the machinery, and how to perform repeatable tasks like label changeover.

Custom Label Solutions

For all of these reasons and more, it is deeply beneficial to invest in a company that works with cutting edge technology. There are plenty of ways that labeling projects can fail, and PMMI ProSource has highlighted them in this article. The labeling and laser marking team at Precision Automation® has made it our mission to overcome these common errors and provide our clientele with the most efficient labeling solutions possible. To find out more about how custom labeling solutions will meet your unique needs, contact our organization’s experts today!

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