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Precision Automation Celebrates 70 Years!

It has been over 70 years since Fred Rexon Sr. first opened the doors to Precision Parts Company. On Sunday November 20 2016, employees, industry associates, family, and friends gathered to celebrate such an accomplishment for the Precision Automation Company, Inc. With large “7” and “0” balloons hovering above his head, President & CEO Fred Rexon Jr. delivered heartfelt speeches of gratitude for all of the hard work put toward achieving another successful milestone in Precision Automation’s history.

The brunch scene in the Tavistock Country Club dining room was magnificent from the start: red, black, and white balloons donned all around the decorated tables; each employee & guest dressed to the nines; and loads of mutual appreciation to go around. Some attendees were in town from our sister company pāco manufacturing in Clarksville, Indiana- led by their CEO, Glen Morris, and president Bill Huffmon- and some traveled from just down the street in Haddonfield. The company’s founder and original patriarch, Fred Rexon Sr., greeted many familiar faces and welcomed new additions to the Precision Automation family. All were elated to celebrate the occasion commemorating the continuous growth of a business that has withstood the test of time to remain prosperous and proud.

After the initial greetings and social hour, everyone took their seats to hear the first of a few gracious addresses from Fred. He welcomed our honored guests and colleagues in attendance. He acknowledged the retirees who were present, and those who had dedicated years of time & service to the company. He recognized all of the individuals who continue to strengthen our company on a daily basis. Finally, he welcomed 12 new employees who have joined the team since our 65th Anniversary, a quick five years ago.

Fred was happy to announce another successful year in Precision Automation’s illustrious history. During the state of the company address he gave due credit for this feat to our customers & suppliers, without whose support it would have been impossible to achieve. Fred re-iterated to his captivated audience that our focus always has, and always will be, to meet and exceed expectations of our customers, continuously innovate, and look for new ways to provide state-of-the-art machinery to the manufacturing world.

Since the 65th Anniversary, a lot of changes have shaped Precision Automation Company and set us up for future success. Some major milestone accolades were recognized, as both Gerry Renzi and Bruce Frank reached their 35th year with the business. Dave Amadio was also honored for 30 years with us. Additionally, a few familiar faces had been promoted to positions of higher responsibility and were formally introduced to the assembly: Gerry Renzi as Vice President of Sales & Engineering, Dave O’Reilly as Director of Manufacturing, Tom Ulrich as Engineering Manager, Mike Menaquale as Human Resources Manager, and Mark Johnson as Sales Manager. All were thankful for the advancement and eager to further develop their positive impact upon our business.

After everyone had enjoyed their food and exchanged conversations with new and old friends alike at their tables, it was time to wrap up another festivity. Opened by a quick yet memorable joke from his youngest son Chad, Fred took to the podium again to thank all in attendance. He extended his gratitude to his father Fred Sr. for starting the business, and for all of his time and efforts put forth over the company’s first 60 years. He articulated his appreciation to his wife Ginny and all three of his children for their enduring emotional support, and expressed with hope and confidence that the future of the business is bright with the 3rd generation of family leadership emerging in his son Daniel.

The smiles on everyone’s faces echoed the CEO’s sentiments as all in attendance left the celebration with a sense of pride and an energized feeling of enthusiasm. It’s safe to say that we are proud of what we have accomplished over 70 years, and are excited for a prosperous future.

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