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Quality Corner: Part 1

This week we are introducing a new series of blogs which we will call “Quality Corner.” It should sound familiar to our employees, because it is a continuation of a series that frequented our newsletters in the past. In the last six months or so, this blog has given us a new platform to spread information and it is my intention to increase readership within our business as well as externally. All will benefit from the relevant and recent information about Precision Automation.

Quality Corner is an important series because it stresses our commitment to quality and the ISO 9001 program of which we strictly adhere. Mike Menaquale (pictured) is our Quality Manager who ensures we are achieving our quality objectives and following the program properly. He has been kind enough to write up a report on the 2010 audits that occurred and our objectives for the future:

MM: TUV-USA recently conducted its annual Surveillance Audit for Precision Automation’s compliance to ISO 9001 at our Cherry Hill facility. We are happy to report that all went well. Our external auditor Tom Putalik came down on a cold day in December to sniff around and make sure everything was up to speed. As usual, there were items to improve upon however, since continual improvement is an overall management objective at Precision, this comes as a welcomed challenge.

Tom was able to observe the many improvements that have been made since his last visit. He was especially impressed by the cleanliness and orderly way that jobs move through our plant. He had an opportunity to sit in on the Safety and Facility Maintenance Committee’s monthly meeting and witnessed our commitment to the well being of our employees and business.

We have also recently set the schedule for our Quality Management System reviews and Strategic Planning monthly meetings. The intentions of these meetings are to measure our progress in regards to the goals we have set for ourselves. The results of these meetings will be posted on our new Intranet Quality Site. This site will contain all of our Procedures, Work Instructions, Quality Objectives, Quality Manual, and everything else related to this part of our business. Internal training will be starting shortly on how to navigate the site to find the information you need.

In all, it will be an exciting year. We are confident that we will achieve the quality objectives we have set. As always, our commitment to quality will not waiver; we will go above and beyond the ISO 9001 requirements and will provide the industry with the highest quality machinery and systems.

Our commitment to quality is something that affects and benefits everyone with whom we interact. We demand the best components and raw materials from our suppliers. Our personnel are held to superior machining, fabrication, and assembly specifications. Our administration and sales staff must adhere to rigorous standards. Fortunately for Precision Automation, our experience and commitment the ISO 9001 program enables our company to achieve success.

Ultimately, all of this benefits our customers because they can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality machinery and services on the market. That is our entire mission, plain and simple.

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