Rowan University Marketing Student Scores A+ with Term Paper on Precision Automation®

Brianna Pomponio is a joint Marketing & Accounting major at Rowan University. Part of the requirements for the Business to Business Marketing course she recently completed was to research a company that utilizes these practices. She made arrangements to visit our facility, spoke to multiple sales and support personnel, and conducted professional interviews about our marketing process.

The initial connection was made because Brianna’s father John is a controls engineer and her brother Johnny works in the shop and takes on multiple tasks assisting the engineering and manufacturing teams with respective projects. Due to her journalistic efforts and ability to paint a comprehensive picture of how the sales and marketing specialists work side-by-side at Precision Automation®, Brianna received an A+ on her assignment! And we believe that the piece she put together ought to be shared with all of our loyal followers.


“In prioritizing customer needs, and pursuing a personal friendship with their clientele, they establish themselves as a company that places the consumer at the forefront of their mission.”


Thank you Brianna for choosing us as a subject of your paper; and for all who want to find out a bit about how our sales team “makes the doughnuts”, click here for a PDF of her term paper:

B. Pomponio – Term Paper on Precision Automation®

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