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Custom Turnkey Solutions

Labeling and marking systems by Precision Automation® are designed for in-line labeling of various products. These systems are flexible, durable, and proven. Our complete systems can be configured with any combination of label applicators, print & apply systems, laser markers, and inspection systems.

Arca Label Applicators

Due to their robust structure and high quality components, Arca Labelers are suitable for most industrial environments. Operating under a heavy workload, our Labeling Systems guarantee the highest levels of performance and reliability on the market.

A wide range of models (Easy, Evolution, Wind, and Flash) provide differing levels of capability and performance. Evolution, the flagship label applicator pictured, has a maximum linear operating speed of 2,000 inches per minute. It also accommodates numerous mechanical peelers and pneumatic tamp adapters. From decorative primary product labels to simple case labeling, these efficient systems can be utilized in a variety of configurations. They are easy to operate and require limited maintenance.

Arca Print & Apply Systems

With printing and application in one automatic operation, this type of end-of-line labeling allows for on-demand printing of variable data. It also eliminates the need for label rooms and stocking of pre-printed labels. Our print & apply solutions are ideal for shipping labels and barcodes. Precision Automation’s extensive material handling experience complements these end-of-line solutions, such as the LinerPlus pictured below.

Arca Laser Marking

High-speed, permanent marking with quality graphics make Arca the premiere choice in laser marking. These complete systems are compact, incredibly productive and cost-efficient. Not only do they require no down time for replacing consumables, but our systems produce no residual waste, and yield a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours of marking time.

Between the two types of laser systems (Fiber and CO2), a wide variety of materials can be marked, such as:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • ceramic
  • polymer
  • glass
  • wood
  • leather
  • cheese
  • …and more!


Custom Systems

Integrate the labeling or marking solution of your choice along with custom product handling equipment to fit your specific operation’s requirements. Based on the particular application, we develop custom turnkey labeling and product handling solutions from individual wrap systems to complex multi-head configurations. Precision Automation® will integrate the appropriate labeling solution to satisfy our customers’ unique needs.

Joe Sabella, Maintenance Engineer - Clarence J. Venne, LLC

We have utilized Arca Print & Apply Labeling Systems and are very satisfied with their performance over the last several years. They are reliable and perform consistently!