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The Benefits of Laser Marking Systems

The use of lasers for marking and engraving have been around since the 1970s, but technological advancements have pushed them to the manufacturing forefront in recent years. Precision Automation® embraced laser marking as a valuable automation alternative to labeling for customers who want to permanently mark their products. By implementing state-of-the-art equipment from Arca- our supplier based in Milan, Italy- we provide complete turnkey solutions that can be relied upon to produce consistent laser marked results.

In previous posts, Precision Automation® covers the basics of laser marking as well as the benefits of the various Arca systems in particular. Below is a deeper dive into the specific advantages and applications of laser marking systems, exploring how this technology can be valuable for your operation, and helping you to make an informed decision about investing in our services.

Laser Markings Designed to Last

It is crucial for any laser marking system to produce clear, legible text or markings for the marked products to display the correct information. Using both Fiber and CO2 technology from Arca, Precision Automation® not only delivers highly visible results, but these laser markings are able to withstand significant degrees of environmental factors that would otherwise cause conventional markings to fade gradually over time.

An example of this advantage in action is found in Precision’s service to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Properly labeled codes and verification markings are critical not only to their manufacturing processes, but also to the health and safety of end-users who rely on the marked information. It is crucial that the permanent words, code, or logo will last forever on whatever type of surface it is marked. Because of this, Precision Automation® utilizes customer samples to rigorously test the material and compatibility of the respective laser marking system, ensuring that every project demonstrates the standards for durability and clarity that marking systems are known for.

Laser Marking Systems Are Adaptable

Because laser marking technology is adaptable, these systems are able to be used for a wide range of material types. Whether your industry is seeking to mark metal, plastic, glass, or even leather (among plenty of other options), our organization has a solution for you.

An example of an industry that benefits from this labeling & laser marking advantage is the food and beverage sector. Precision Automation® recognizes that food and beverage projects require specific quality standards & nutritional data for their products’ packaging. Their products must not only be safe for consumption, but must also reflect exact metrics of ingredients for the safety of the consumers. This requires a high degree of clarity for the laser marked area so the information can be relayed accurately, and also requires the right type of laser system to be able to mark correctly.  For instance, fiber lasers offer more power so they are more suitable for marking metals and plastics; while CO2 lasers are better suited for softer, more organic materials such as glass, wood, leather, etc. Understanding that certain materials may compromise the integrity of the food or beverage, our team utilizes the resources available to ensure that our laser marking process accommodates the most unique material options.

Marking with Efficiency

The laser process offers greater processing speed than other marking methods, resulting in time and cost savings during laser marking operations. The technology behind laser marking utilizes a highly focused beam to create precise and accurate text, code, or logo markings in various designs and patterns. Our laser marking systems are long-lasting as well, with a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours of marking hours with little to no maintenance costs! (This represents time actually spent marking with the laser beam- for example, depending on the size of the part and mark, each one might require 3-8 seconds of marking time.)

Laser Marked Product

Eco-Friendly Laser Marking Technology

While traditional methods might rely on physical labels, chemicals, or inks- laser marking systems directly mark surfaces without the use of additional consumable materials. Because laser marking eliminates the use of label ribbons and ink, this technology is both eco-friendly and cost-effective due to its ability to minimize waste. To accommodate changing part and production requirements, our team is capable of reprogramming or reconfiguring laser marking system parameters to ensure consistent results.

These are just a few of the numerous ways in which your business can benefit from laser marking solutions, where an upfront cost in capital equipment can yield a larger return on investment in a short window of time. If you are interested in finding out if this laser marking technology is right for your business, Contact Us today and send some samples in to our team for testing!

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