The Challenges of Today’s Machine Building Industry

Today’s manufacturers demand the utmost in machine flexibility for their automated production lines and packaging systems. Naturally, the initial price of custom machine building is a major consideration for virtually all manufacturers; decision makers want to be able to recoup their return on investment fairly quickly. Nevertheless, providers throughout the industry tend to focus more heavily on the production speed, reliability, and flexibility of their systems, as well as the lifetime costs and overall sustainability of operation.

Machine Building for State-of-the-Art Automated Production Lines

Throughout today’s manufacturing realm, automation is key. Automated manufacturing services and robotic production lines promise to be faster, more efficient and more economical while also offering a higher degree of flexibility to vendors.

The greatest challenge is in engineering a truly optimized machine solution for each unique application – thoroughly improving upon the capabilities of off-the-shelf options or manual lines, then integrating the entire system without going over budget.

Improving Production Speed, Turnaround, and Throughput

Strict production speed is often the primary concern for manufacturers. However, it is important to keep in mind that speed alone will not necessarily increase your manufacturing capacity and throughput. After all, there isn’t much benefit to making your products faster when more and more of those products are rejected parts or out of specification.

Therefore, an increase in production speed must go hand-in-hand with improved quality control for your business to truly take advantage of the extra capacity. That’s where well-engineered, responsive machine building services come into play.

Maximizing Flexibility in Manufacturing

Modern manufacturers are also increasingly demanding more and more flexibility from their automated systems. Product diversification is more important than ever: providers must be able to easily make design modifications, add extra features, or even completely change up production to accommodate an ever-evolving line of products.

This demand for flexible manufacturing solutions creates a challenge for machine builders to engineer modularity into their lines. New machines and features should be relatively easy to add in the future. For example, a manufacturer may decide to integrate custom labeling and marking for a specific line of products, or add a robotic picking/packaging machine into the line. A truly optimized automation system can be re-engineered or expanded to best suit the requirements of many different projects.

Building a More Streamlined and Reliable Supply Chain Solution

Precision Automation® specializes in custom machine building and the integration of automated production line systems. Our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing solutions are engineered to precisely accommodate the specific needs of your operation. We strive to build a better, more capable and efficient turnkey system for your facility in order to maximize your capacity and satisfy your supply chain constraints.

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