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The Fine Fellow, Mr. Dick Scavello

A key member of our Sales/Project management team recently joined our “Quarter Century” Group and has also celebrated with a tri-fecta of impressive project accomplishments.

Dick Scavello’s 25 years at Precision Automation have been defined by a team-playing and project-solutions approach refined over 45+ years in the Conveyor industry. His dedication to our customers has been rewarded with repeat business and enviable loyalty at key accounts.

Dick handled a recently completed Conveyor System from soup-to-nuts for a long-standing customer. This Project had been in the works for over 2 years and evolved over several buildings and many layouts prior to the actual site selection. During implementation, building construction delays led to a multitude of issues too numerous to recount creating serious roadblocks for the installation. With invaluable assistance from Chuck Whitby, our team was able to completely install and test the system prior even to power being available in the building.

Dick also completed an unusual Pallet/Drum Filling & Handling project. The layout for this system required some gymnastics to fit the site conditions, and also included unique devices for drum positioning. This System solved several operation issues for the Plant.

Dick shows no sign of slowing down in pursuit of Solutions for our customers. We’re fortunate that he found his career home here at Precision Automation and has been a key part of our Integrated Conveyor Solutions division for these last 25 years.

Written By: Mark Petri, Vice President

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