The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of Our Company (Part I)

Engineered Systems

You may have wondered what our company’s niche is and the truth is, we have a few! Yes, turnkey automation solutions are the key to our success but we specialize in a number of niche categories as well.

There are four key business units of Precision Automation Company, Inc. These units include the following: Contract Manufacturing (contract machine building, machine shop and fabrication), Engineered Systems (custom machinery, factory automation and line integration), Integrated Conveyor Solutions and NJ Wire Stitching. These main categories often intertwine depending on the client’s specific needs, which we are happy to fulfill. To kick off the Precision Formula series, we’ll begin with Engineered Systems.

This component of Precision Automation Company, Inc. offers a full range of System Engineering, Design, and Project Management services for manufacturing needs. Whether the need is to design a new piece of equipment or re-design a production process, from the smallest modification to a complete system, we analyze, improve, and design it using the latest computer-aided 3D design hardware and software. We assure our clients that any of our products can be fit seamlessly into their operation.

One of our main focuses within Engineered Systems is packaging, labeling, and processing systems. From nationally known companies to startup businesses, we’ve partnered with them to create the most efficient systems for their production. From food to pharma, we can help.

The above video is a pharmaceutical bottle coding application. Please note the overall speed and ease of dealing with defective bottles.

No matter what you require, an integrated system or a special machine for packaging, assembly, testing or production, Precision Automation Company, Inc. has the solution for you.

(pictured at the top: a custom tray-in, tray out rotary vial labeling and inspection system)

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