The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of Our Company (Part III)

Contract Manufacturing

So far, we have given the rundown of our Engineered Systems and Integrated Conveyor Solutions business units. Another major business unit of ours is Contract Manufacturing. Precision Automation Company, Inc. has developed innovative automation systems and machinery for over 70 years. We provide high quality contract machine work, fabrication, machinery and sub-assemblies, electrical control panels and other related services. Our mission is to improve productivity and efficiency in our clients manufacturing and product handling processes. We have the ability to manufacture your products on a production basis, whether it’s a part, a sub-assembly, tooling or fixture. We will become your strategic partner.

Our manufacturing facilities have extensive production equipment including numerous CNC lathes and machining centers, welding equipment, test equipment, paint capabilities and 45,000 square feet of high bay assembly space.  All parts and equipment pass through our ISO inspection department. “Insource/Reshore” your manufacturing needs to us. We will align our manufacturing capabilities with your project needs.

Click here to see our Haas VF5ss in operation! The VF5ss (Super-Speed) is cutting edge in terms of precision machining. These vertical machining centers provide the high spindle speed and rapid tool changes necessary for high-volume production.

Three reasons to contract manufacture with us:

  • In previous situations, companies outsource to us for many different reasons. Most often, for cost saving. You don’t need to invest in new production facilities or hire additional skilled labor to produce your product. You also can save scarce plant production space.
  • We are an ISO 9001 certified company. This ensures rigorous quality control ensuring you receive high quality products.
  • You have access to the latest equipment design and production technologies through our experienced staff of engineers and production personnel. Companies prefer our expertise and equipment compared to manufacturing themselves.

Outsource to us if:

  1. A product is a resale or accessory item which falls outside your primary capabilities.
  2. The manufacturing process involved does not fit with your primary capabilities.
  3. Your facility is at capacity. Having your products made by Precision Automation will increase your flexibility.

If you’re curious about our contract manufacturing services, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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