The Precision Formula: A Greater Understanding of Our Company (Part IV)

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company

Our fourth business unit is New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company. We have previously discussed three other business units which include Engineered Systems, Integrated Conveyor Solutions and Contract Manufacturing divisions.

New Jersey Wire Stitching Machine Company (NJ Wire) makes wire stitching equipment for cardboard, metal, textiles, plastics and almost anything else that needs to be fastened together. With Precision Automation’s design and build capability, we are able to offer customized and engineered solutions for both your stitching and manufacturing needs.

NJ Wire has been building cost effective wire stitchers and bag closing machines for over 125 years. Proven reliability in a wide range of markets such as HVAC, book binding, flag assembly, matchbook assembly, header carding and display assembly among others has enables NJ Wire to attain a premier status in the wire stitching market.

Our goal is to improve your production by making your process faster and increasing the quality of your product. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse of replacement parts and consumables such as stitching wire. In the warehouse, we carry over 20 different sizes of wire in various finishes; all parts are made in the USA and are backed by ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure your satisfaction.  Today, NJ Wire designs and builds over 250 types of power driven Wire Stitchers.

Our customers have learned to count on the reliability of New Jersey Wire machines. Because of their simple design and rugged construction, our machines are extremely durable and require little maintenance.

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