Precision Automation

Time for Recognition

Fred Rexon, President and CEO of Precision Automation Company, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerry Renzi to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Gerry has worked at Precision Automation for 33 years, serving in various capacities and most recently as our Director of Sales and Marketing. “I started in 1981 as a machinist and through the years I have worked in the assembly department, was the night foreman, worked in engineering and ultimately sales,” Gerry notes. “Working in various departments has given me an understanding of all the aspects of our business and how each relates to our customers. Guys like Fred Rexon Sr., Charlie Bittner, Warren Menaquale and Fred Rexon Jr. have shown me what it takes to be successful.”

This promotion is given in gratitude and recognition of Gerry’s expertise, dedication, and commitment to our company over the years. As VP, Gerry will be responsible for overseeing all of the company’s sales and marketing activities.

“Gerry has been a long-standing, dedicated company asset and is well deserving of this appointment. He has always served our customers with absolute professionalism and I’m confident that he will continue to help our company grow and achieve the goals we have established,” says Fred Rexon. “He has a great understanding of our organization and will work tirelessly to find a solution for any customer that comes his way. Gerry has always been trusted by our employees, as well as our customers, for giving good advice, honest opinions, and a warm smile every day in the office. We are truly lucky and thankful to have him as a leader in our organization.”

Aside from his respectable accomplishments here at Precision, work isn’t everything in Gerry’s life. He has a beautiful wife of 33 years (yes, he got married and started working for Precision all in the same year!) and enjoys playing golf, biking, traveling, listening to music and attending family related functions. He definitely is a very talented man with interests other than helping this company prosper!

We want to congratulate Gerry on this exciting appointment, as well as thank him for all he has brought, and continues to bring to our company!

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