Underground Shopping Center to Open in NYC with the Help from Precision Automation

Set to open in the spring, New York City will welcome an up-and-coming underground shopping center at the Columbus Circle Subway Station. The 34 stores will include restaurants, boutiques, cafes and other consumer favorites. We are happy to announce we have been a part of this movement since the earlier stages by providing two essential conveyors developed specifically for this underground center, also known as TurnStyle.

TurnStyle reached out to Precision Automation Company, Inc. seeking solutions. One of the problems facing the Principals of the property, Susan Fine and Howard Glatzer, was how to transport merchandise down to the stores as well as move trash back up to the street level. The only access for delivering products to and from the underground store complex was through a hatch in the sidewalk. The contractor for the project, ZDG LLC (along with Ms. Fine and Mr. Glatzer) contacted us to design a material handling solution. Marty Cohen and Chuck Whitby, of the Integrated Conveyor Solutions division of Precision Automation Company, Inc. were able to design an effective solution to fit their needs.

Our company supplied a scissor lift with a stainless steel conveyor on top in order to fit totes carrying products through the hatch. Since this system was being set up in a tight area and needed to align to the hatch dimensions, the engineering and installation had to be exact. An incline/decline conveyor was also installed in the stairwell in order to bring the product totes up and down from the scissors lift to the access door, adjacent to the numerous store locations.

Once the shopping center opens, the various businesses will continue to use the conveyor system for both shop replenishment and removal of scrap materials. “Precision was creative, determined and delivered on time and on schedule. An excellent job,” said Ms. Fine.

Precision Automation Company, Inc. handled the project from start to finish, supplying: scissor lift, stainless steel conveyor on the lift, incline/decline conveyor, electrical controls, mechanical installation, and wiring. One of our main goals at Precision Automation Company, Inc. is to provide our clients with quality engineered solutions.

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For more information on TurnStyle, click here.

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