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Video and Discussion: How Can Pick & Place Automation Serve You?

This week we are highlighting one of our more popular videos. It is called “Four Arm Rotary Pick & Place Tray Loader.” While the video is specific to the handling of vials, it helps to showcase our machine building capabilities. In the video you will see vials approaching the rotary system before being picked up, in groups of 10, by the rotary arm. These vials are then placed in a tray loader.

As you watch the video, open your mind and think about your specific product…

Your application may have nothing to do with vials, bottles, or anything similar to what is shown. However, do you have a product coming through production that needs to be picked, in an orderly fashion, and loaded to another part of your production line, packaging line or tray?

While the product shown in this video is a vial, Precision Automation’s capabilities give us the ability to create a similar type of machine for whatever your application may be. We have extensive experience with consumer products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage products and much more.

From design and manufacture to installation, Precision Automation is your turnkey solution provider. CONTACT US today and let us show you how we can serve your needs!

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