Why Invest in Labeling Solutions?

We make it our mission at Precision Automation® to remain current with the latest industry developments. As such, we have been extensively involved in the innovative labeling solutions that have arisen over the past decade, including QR and AR codes, as well as on-demand print & applied label information. These types of labels provide numerous benefits to our customers, so we invite you to read further and explore the reasons why you might consider investing in new, efficient labeling solutions:

Up to Date Information Every Step of the Way

One of the primary advantages of investing in QR and AR labeling solutions is that they provide quick and easy access to current information about the product being distributed. This can be especially useful during the shipping process, as customers and manufacturers alike are given the ability to check in on the order progress at any point. Furthermore, current certification standards can be viewed easily through the use of QR codes, presenting even up-to-the-minute information if necessary. When every second of the manufacturing process is valuable, labeling solutions can be the key to an efficient system.

Labeling Solutions for Sustainability

In addition to quick access to packaged product information, new labeling solutions can also be incredibly useful for sustainability efforts. By reducing the need for excess label stock, ink, and even adhesives, manufacturers can (by extension) reduce the amount of waste that occurs during the labeling process without minimizing the amount of information being presented. In fact, QR and AR codes actually increase the amount of viewable content a label provides despite minimizing labeling waste.

Maximize Relevant Information

As mentioned above, innovative label solutions like QR and AR codes allow packages to provide larger amounts of information to the customer than the standard labels otherwise would. Because of this, manufacturers can provide customers with a wide range of educational and interactive content. This ability to maximize information allows manufacturers the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and even retention.

Additionally, there is increased availability for advanced label solutions such as the one from our colleagues at Chicago Tag & Label. Their trademarked Multiplex label includes an enclosed packing list along with the shipping label, which is tamped onto packages in a single “one-step application” process, saving time & cost for the end user.

Displaying Organic Information

One example of how manufacturers have already used labeling solutions to their advantage is through better display of their products’ organic information. As consumers’ priority for organic products continues to trend upwards, it has proved beneficial for manufacturers to include relevant, up-to-date information about their products’ journey from farm to customer, when applicable. This thorough display of organic information increases customer trust and loyalty, and is valuable for retaining their business for future orders.

Contact Precision Automation for Labeling Solutions

As you can see, there are countless reasons to invest in innovative labeling technology, be they QR and AR codes or print & apply multi-label solutions. If these labeling techniques appeal to you, contact the team at Precision Automation® today and explore how our labeling services can benefit your operation.

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