Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing – Part 2

In the infancy of this blog I wrote about Precision’s commitment to “Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing.” That was almost six months ago and I explained our recycling program and how we recycle everything from printer cartridges to paper and metal scrap. I highlighted our universal waste program and our electricity reduction efforts. We utilize environmentally sustainable and socially responsible processes when manufacturing and produce efficient and sustainable machinery. It’s a cycle that we are proud to perpetuate. After all, when we recycle, everyone wins.

Months later, I’m writing to reiterate our commitment and enlighten our readers on the many successes we’ve experienced in the short period of six months. I’ll start by saying that recycling is not an inconvenience, thus adapting to these new programs were not a challenge or burdensome to anyone. However, it does take time to realize how great they can be.

What I mean is this: when we start recycling paper and scrap, we know that we are doing our part to keep that “stuff” out of landfills. We know that cutting down on our electricity usage (thanks to movement sensors) benefits all and saves us money. We know that using eco-friendly cleaning and cutting fluids helps to reduce our carbon footprint. The gratification is instant in many of these situations.

What we didn’t all realize immediately however, were some of the things that our Plant Manager, Jeff Salabritas, explained in a recent Recycling News memo. He writes:

Congratulations to everyone in the Precision Automation family. With your outstanding cooperation and dedication to our recycling program, we have reached another milestone towards our goal of minimizing our waste stream. Starting immediately, our dumpster service will decline to an every other week schedule. Not long ago, we were on a twice a week schedule. What an accomplishment!

Now more than ever, we will need your assistance to keep a watchful eye to what goes into our trash, and recycle everything we possibly can. If you any questions, comments, or suggestions about our recycling program please contact Jeff. Again, thank you for your cooperation. 


Not only are we reducing our waste stream and doing our part to preserve the environment, but we are saving money in the process! Our trash collection expenses are being reduced and even more, we are being paid for our recycled material. Wait, wait, we are getting paid for our recycled trash? Yes we are. Isn’t recycling wonderful? Like I said, when we recycle, everyone wins…

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