Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing

Environmentally friendly processes, products and business operation have been buzz words in the recent decade. With an increased understanding of the environmental impact of industry, sustainability and focus on corporate social responsibility have taken hold in American business. While a deep recession has shifted priorities from the environment to survival for many firms, the insistence on “going green” persists.

Studies have found that doing business with socially and ecologically responsible firms give customers peace-of-mind and makes them more likely to engage with your business. On top of that, investment in green technology will, in most cases, save a firm money down the road. The message: going green benefits everyone; your business, your local community and the environment!

At Precision Automation we are glad to be on the leading edge of sustainability in our industry. Plant Manager Jeff Salabritas highlights some of the ways that we are ecologically responsible in our manufacturing processes:

“Precision Automation is committed to continually minimize our waste steam. An aggressive recycling program has been established with guidelines that exceed state and county compliance laws. Precision Automation recycles the following materials: 

  • All types of scrap metals
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic & glass
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden skids
  • Ink cartridges 

We also engage in a universal waste program, which meets all state DEP requirements.  Universal waste includes:

  • Pesticides
  • Mercury containing thermostats
  • Spent batteries
  • Spent fluorescent lamps
  • Oil-based finishes
  • Consumer electronics 

At Precision, we are dedicated to preserving our environment by using Eco-friendly cutting fluids and cleaners that create a safe work place for our personnel.”

In 2008, our entire plant replaced our lighting system to reduce our energy consumption. We replaced high wattage mercury vapor bulbs with drastically lower wattage T5 bulbs that are much more efficient.

A little change goes a long way when considering our carbon footprint. We strive to do our part every day and are very proud of our environmentally sustainable manufacturing facility!

While you are here, check out our Bi-Fuel Linerless Print & Apply Labeling System from Arca Automation.  It is a highly efficient, sustainable solution for the labeling industry.

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