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Strategic Packaging & Labeling of Food Products

When shopping for food, in the store or online, the first thing a consumer notices is the packaging. And if that package, complete with product label, doesn’t grasp him or her in the the first few seconds- it goes back to the shelf. So how can food manufacturers get the most out of these products, and their subsequent packaging?

Packaging Strategies magazine ran an article last month about 10 Ways to Maximize Food Sales with Packaging. The articles lists and describes different ways that Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands can create more sales and differentiate themselves in a competitive industry. Many of our clients at Precision Automation are in the food & beverage industry, and we understand the challenges involved in such a task.

Packaging trends are constantly ebbing and flowing, and depend greatly upon industry. For instance, when it comes to food & beverage, Product Visibility (#5 on the aforementioned list) is crucial. Customers want to be able to see the snack they are about to buy, either through a window or via a picture on the external package.

At the same time,  it is important to Keep It Brief (#9). When reading information listed on a product’s packaging, customers typically don’t want to be tackling a novel. This applies to online shopping as well: even though a consumer cannot pick up and examine what they are looking at, they want to get the general idea of what the packaging looks like.

Precision Automation labeling solutions can assist with these recommendations. Our flexible systems can be oriented in various ways to apply a label that will help Attract Attention (#1) in most any location on a given product. Be it a pre-printed label for a given product, or a label that needs printing and then application, we have the solution. Using Arca labeling heads, and a variety of printer options (per customer preference) our sales engineers and technicians integrate the system in accordance with our customers’ specifications.

Our labeling solutions are also extremely reliable. Regardless of type, these systems consistently apply labels in the same place on a product, every time. Contrarily, with labels being hand-applied, there tends to be a great deal of inconsistency. And consistency with product packaging, especially in the food & beverage industry, is key to Encouraging the Repeat Sale (#10)

There are seemingly endless factors to consider in the packaging, labeling, and sales of food & beverage products. Our team has a wealth of experience in this industry, and are committed to providing you the very best handling, packaging, and labeling solutions. Contact Us today for more information and find out how we can help maximize your sales and efficiency!

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